St. Petersburg Drywall Repair – Premier Painting and Coating                               

When you notice nail pop, holes, corner cracks or tape seam failure, it is evident that you need drywall repair. Turn to us, the St. Petersburg drywall repair specialists, of Premier Painting and Coating. We can fix any of your drywall problems, no matter how big or small.

Our team of drywallers provides reliable and professional craftsmanship that allows us to make your house walls look as good as new. We make sure that we use highly durable and reliable materials. The list of services that we provide includes: drywall replacement, painting, patching, and repairing.

Our Drywall Repair Process

  • Preparing the Surface – The surface is first cleaned by removing the frayed drywall edges from the holes. Then a sandpaper or medium grit sanding sponge is used to make the surface smooth.
  • Our Safety Considerations – An oversized sponge is used to do the repairing job with ease and perfection. In addition, safety glasses, work gloves, and a dust mask are also used by the professionals to carry out the job efficaciously.
  • Applying Mesh Reinforcement Tape – A piece of mesh reinforcement tape is applied over the entire circumference of the hole. The second layer of mesh tape is applied over the first layer of tape at a 45° angle.
  • Applying Joint Compound – Using a drywall knife a joint compound layer is applied on the hole. Our experts make sure that they cover the mesh reinforcement tape with the compound, and let it dry for 4 to 8 hours depending on the temperature and humidity.
  • Carefully Sand the Joint Compound – Once the initial joint compound is dried; our painters use a sandpaper or sanding sponge to remove the extra joint compound that was applied onto the hole.
  • Repeating the Process of Joint Compound and Sand – Sometimes a second coat of joint compound is applied onto the hole. and is allowed it to set for 4 to 8 hours. Later the extra layer of joint compound is rubbed with sandpaper properly.
  • Cleaning the Surface – The dust is removed with a cloth or microfiber wipe. The wall is then left for drying so that it does not cause bubbling or other problems.
  • Repaint the area – Once the wall is dried, it is ready to repaint.

Why Trust Us?

We Do All the Repairs – Whether there are holes, cracks, or tape seam failure, we are experts at repairing all the damages.

Help Restore Attractiveness of Your Home – Our quality work assures to restore the attractiveness of your home.

Provide Top Quality Work – Our Premier Painting and Coating team delivers nothing but the best drywall repair service with the highest standard quality.

We Have Drywall Repair Experts Each of our drywallers is experienced and skilled for their trade.

We are Up to Date with Current Trends and Safety Tips – While doing our job we ensure using the finest practices. We also make sure staying updated on current trends, and safety tips.

Provide Services within Your Budget and Time Constraints – When expecting quality drywall repair and installation services, you can rely on us for to providing services within your budget and time constraints.

Allow us to provide you the all-in-one home drywall solution.